NS Networking Sciences

Network Science is an academic field which studies complex networks such as telecommunication networks, computer networks, biological networks, cognitive and semantic networks, and social networks, considering distinct elements or actors represented by nodes (or vertices) and the connections between the elements or actors as links (or edges). The field draws on theories and methods including graph theory from mathematics, statistical mechanics from physics, data mining and information visualization from computer science, inferential modeling from statistics, and social structure from sociology. The United States National Research Council defines network science as “the study of network representations of physical, biological, and social phenomena leading to predictive models of these phenomena.” INS is actively involved in research in this filed.

Quantum Computing Networks

Quantum Search Algorithms
1 The Deutsch Algorithm
2 The Deutsch-
Jozsa Algorithm
3 Simon’s Algorithm
4 Shor’s Algorithm
5 Quantum Phase Estimation Algorithm
6 Grover’s Quantum Search Algorithm
Boyer-Brassard-HøyerTapp Quantum Search Algorithm
Dürr-Høyer Quantum Search Algorithm
9 Quantum Counting Algorithm
10 Quantum Heuristic Algorithm
11 Quantum Genetic Algorithm
12 Harrow-Hassidim-Lloyd Algorithm
13 Quantum Mean Algorithm
14 Quantum Weighted Sum Algorithm


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